Red Sun- In the Red Sun Reality, during the Cold War, instead of Powerman’s infant body landing in the outskirts of Arkangel, it landed in Soviet Russia. Using Powerman as their superpowered threat weapon, they conquered the whole world with the exclusion of The United States, India, and Australia.

Black Rain- In the Black Rain reality, when Dektra (The spirit of evil in the universe) attempted to break into our world, it succeeded. As a result, the Black Rain reality is a place where demons and monsters roam free, natural powers, technology, and other things are forbidden, and the only super powers come from the godly powers.

Generations- In the Dynasty reality, the current generation of Earth’s heroes didn’t appear in current day, but rather they appeared generations later, in the year 3254.

Time of Peace- In the Time of Peace reality, the hippies’ Summer of Love never ended, allowing the Hippie culture to take over the world. The heroes of this reality are offshoots of the default Earth’s: peace loving, relaxed, and empty minded heroes.

The Afterlands- In The Afterlands reality, the world was devastated by nuclear energies decades ago. Now, the world has reset; magic is outcast by all, with the exception of the tribes, technology is rare at most, and pre-war supplies are uncommon.

Seas of Fear- In the Seas if Fear reality, the pirate area never passed,and almost all of the Earth was flooded by the melting ice caps (Earth drifted closer to the sun, slightly). All heroes are noble pirates (i.e. Robin Hood) and villains are stereotypical pirates (i.e. Black Beard).

The Hero Rush- In the Hero Rush reality, the current timeline takes place during the gold rush rather than the modern day. Heroes are bounty hunter and lone rider type saviors and villains are everything from monsters to corrupt bankers.

Alternate Realities